Governor Mutua breakup statement


Hehe… this is a politicians way of saying “the Biyatch slept with someone else”

Contrast this with a common mwanainchi who would have slashed her with a panga, set their house on fire, and then committed suicide


Why would anyone use 6 paragraphs to say “Kunguru hafugiki”?

Sounds much like the Bill Gates reaction. Using his PR words he makes it sound like it’s a new medical discovery they came up with together.

ni ka kuweka cream kwa kdf…that sh1t is a mess but:D


[SIZE=5]SIMP of the highest order.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Mwanaume hakuna kuji-explain. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Mwanaume ni kuleta manzi mpya bila apologies![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Public statements wachia Mutahi Kagwei.[/SIZE]

She has evaluated Mutua presidential bid and concluded that it is dead on arrival. If he insists on it, it will impoverish him. He will need atleast KES 4Bn to run an effective campaign countrywide.

She always saw this relationship as temporary and hence did not have kids or change her name.

Kuna vitu zingine siwezi fanya…you wont believe it nikiwachana na dame hata ka ni vibaya aje and we slept together…next time i meet her i salimia her vizuri…akini engage vizuri…5 minutes haita isha ka sijamwomba vitu for old times sake.
Hizi vitu hazitaki makasiriko…play your cards right and you may open a new hotter chapter.

[SIZE=5]You Kenyans like to throw around the word BILLION very recklessly.[/SIZE]

They had to break up amicably because EACC would be interested in the loot if they start fighting over it… [MEDIA=twitter]1426953898934276097[/MEDIA]

Naona zangu ama:D:D

Huko tweeter wanasema story ilianzia hapa. Ben 10 nanenoz


Typical kikuyu kunguru behavior