Governor Mike Sonko

My understanding of gvt tenders ni ati kuna wale huwa guaranteed atawin.
So, if e.g in an ealier example ya @pseudonym ,a pencil goes for 5bob. The garanteed ‘winner’ will qoute 15bob usually out of greed,the person guaranteeing he wins atataka 15bob pia. So far price iko 30bob. To reduce detection of foul play,they ‘winner’ will be advised to use as many briefcase companies as possible so that kikiumana it doesnt lead back to him. The people in the briefcase company that wins will want maybe 5bob each for taking the risk since wanaweza jipata EACC. Pencil ya 5bob inauzwa 50bob.

If you ever go for a tender at the bidding stage you are a flowergirl to somebody else’s wedding.

Umeongea ukweli, kila mtu anataka kukula

In the case of pinkies, you are a flower girl the whole wedding party wants to deflower.


Cheka tu…I’m serious, those idiots ask for pussy once they check us out.

That’s where you use the power of the pussy to get that tender. Dangle it before their eyes and when tender is given waambie waache upuss ama uwareport.

hata Mimi siwezi mind?