Governor Mike Sonko

Can someone explain to me how 2 fuses powered 3 vehicles to life.

Jokes aside, kudos Sonko. Endelea na kazi, if it’s not PR.



GoK and now counties have always upheld the tradition of grounding vehicles and letting them rot in their expansive yards.

and buying new ones. Lakini hii tradition ya overquoting Govt tenders itawai isha kweli? sioni. Someone said they overquote to compensate for the delays in getting paid for work done, which government is notorious for, and lately counties are shafting contractors.

And selling them to us in “auctions” .
Damn…nimekawia kufanya hio biashara.:D:D:D

must be a typo. If you ever passed by the Judiciary’s yard utatoa machozi

Nairobians elected a magician without knowing!
[SIZE=3]all along i thought he was a thug![/SIZE]

That is sonko for you…

Kuna tender ya govt press tuliquote tipple our purchasing price and lost on the grounds ati our prices were too low. I really got confused nikasema hizi vitu kweli zina wenyewe

:eek::eek::eek::eek: ati too low na mkapoteza! and they go for the lowest bidder, theoretically… ama hiyo bei yenu waliona hakuna kitu ya kukula hapo.:smiley:

Haha…that is theft on another level.

:DHapo ndio confusion ilianza.nikachanganikiwa kabisaa.

True. Saa hizo tumepeleka hadi samples so there is no way they could claim ati they didnt have faith in the quality of our products judging from the price. Nikashindwa, Then hao wengi kwani wali-quote how much:eek:

Set a thug to catch a…

Assume a pencil costs you five Bob a piece(Chinese)…you should have quoted at 55 or 60 Bob for it.
Hapo ndio ulikosea

University of Nairobi pia. They have so many old buses and vehicles rotting badala ata wauze.



:D:Dmimi niliweka 15bob

umesahau biros za 5K za devolution ministry

:smiley: so shamelessly…

Apana cheza na makanika wa Sonko Rescue team.
Hao ni wale walikuwa wakiunda nganya zake.