Governor Ferdinand battle against alcoholism in Kiambu angers the liquor industry

According to the local press bar owners and liquor manufacturers are planning protest marches against Mr Waititu for trying to safeguard the lives of vulnerable residents in Kiambu.

He said the county had borne the brunt of illicit liquor “which has left many people dead and others reduced to zombies”.

The whole of Central Kenya has this underlying problem with alcohol \ Miraa, which was not a problem pre-independence, is it accidental? Is the region a host to a “Special Economic Zone” for liquor manufactures?

The opium war opened China to European influence and created a drug epidemic in south-eastern Asia, China was conquered, and millions were addicted. China pulled back from the brink, of what they refer to as the “The humiliation century”. More than 800 traffickers were put to death, and many more were successfully prosecuted. Neighbourhoods were mobilised in a massive educational programme. By 1956, the People’s Republic of China had announced it had eliminated its drug problem. However in recent years the numbers of addicts has risen.

Apparently over 25% of the male population was addicted. China dealt decisively with the addiction problem, and has since made significant economic strides, if she had nothing most of her people’s resources would have gone to drug lords.

I guess, Central Kenya has to mobilise and take the bull by the horn and slay this alcoholic\drug\miraa monster, for her renaissance to arrive.

His approach is wrong, Kiambu residents are not his children for him to toy around with. And comparing the situation to what China faced during the opium wars is an exaggeration.

my brother, there was a post here last week about the problem of growing alcoholism in western. the comparison with the pre-opium wars china is not farfetched.

Are residents of Kiambu demonstrating against him?

He told the people of Kiambu to vote for him, he was the right person to deal with the problem; they flocked and voted for him.

The opium wars destroyed Imperial China and many imperial princes were addicts.

I think the execution of the idea is wrong even though I agree with you alcoholism is a very serious issue not only in Central but other regions as well.

Some bar owners even went to court last week to challenge the rule.

the sovereign people of kiambu are behind their governor on the issue of makali.

Bar owners have affinity to liquor manufactures not to the people or affected families.

Pity!! Last week i had a guy saying he woke up early to hustle for only three hundred shilling so that he may drink 250 and buy food worth 50. Leaves one wondering…

Iko shida kubwa my friend

Alcohol is a huge problem in Kenya, I welcome this drive wholeheartedly.

Waititu’s personality seems to be hi Achille’s heel and it might lead to his failure in Kiambu. Like Mututho and Kabogo, he has so far taken populist and impulsive action without anticipating the economic and social consequences. It is true that the alcohol industry is in need of further regulation, but that is not something that should be done from one night to the next.

This kind of decision-making can leave the leader mired in debilitating mud-fights. The alcohol lobby is powerful, married to corrupt cops, and capable of sabotaging the Governor and keeping him from delivering what the people really need: real long-term jobs, good roads, sanitation, health, markets and a conducive business environment.

People who have economic power will naturally avoid excessive low quality drinking.

Wacha hiyo siku yake ya kupiga watu wa ketepa ama miraa ifike, atajua hujui bypass ni border ya Nairobi na kiambu.

Just look at these zombies. Just tell me if there is one that is worth saving. I say there is no need to prolong their misery. Better let them drink themselves to their early deaths and hopefully be quickly forgotten. Gov Waititu should focus on educating and protecting the young ones from alcoholism. Laana ya homeguards imejaa Kiambu County.

Yunomi, we should soon start a thread on ngatii, ahoi, ene-îthaka na kadhalika.

how would he do that when the supply is still there? you forget profiteers from addictions motto is to “get them young”?

Precisely! Putting on your Sunday best after running a 42 km marathon before taking a shower.

The Governor is right ! Clean beer sellers will reapply for the licece , unless he/she was selling the killer brew in kiambu county !

Link to the article about western tafadhali? Thank you.

@Ice_Cube fanya hima please