Governor 43 in the company of Dr Lootman Brutally heckled at Githurai45 leaving his ego seriously damaged . Peasants wataki usenji.

The irate crowd shouted at him in disapproval as he tried to address them after a church service

- All the events unfolded right before Deputy PresidentWilliam Ruto who spent the day with Waititu at various church services
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was left with a bad taste in his mouth after he was brutally heckled by his own electorate in Githurai on Sunday, June 2.

Waititu was in the company of Deputy President William Ruto and other ‘Tanga-tanga’ affiliated leaders as they attended a Sunday service at St Veronica Catholic Church.

these are hired goons ([SIZE=1]no they’re not[/SIZE]) hellbent on derailing the good ([SIZE=1]below average[/SIZE]) work achieved by jubilee in the short time they have been in power. we shall not allow raira ([SIZE=1]it’s not raira[/SIZE]) to come here and cause chaos. the handshake has become a face-slap. we know money has been poured ([SIZE=1]we don’t know that[/SIZE]) to finish tangatanga but we will not allow politics of division caused by raila ([SIZE=1]it’s not raira[/SIZE]) to continue to destabilise jubilee and the nation.

we therefore categorically state ([SIZE=1]no we don’t[/SIZE]) that we will continue to launch development projects and meet ([SIZE=1]hostile[/SIZE]) kenyans all over the country.

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Ruto needs to distance himself from people like waititu and khalwale…zero value

He he he my fren peasants are well informed about 1000 denomination …hawataki pesa imetoka kwa mattress ya Karen :smiley:

Loot = Ruto how then can you seperate the duo

Gathecha has watched this na ako na uoga zaidi,kabogo Leo ako cloud 9

Kiambu pple are funny…Why boo Waititu and ululate their difference

The human crowd must always have someone to blame for them it’s Baba Yao. However, the crowd also needs a shepherd who is Ruto in this case.

Use another word but not shepherd,you know he is not one,all the same.I will not be part of it

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Waititu ni shenzi ama namna gani @KamauLM ?

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