It is the “corporation” that the top 0.01% use to control, dominate, and suppress the bottom 99.99%.

Hizo contracts Gatheca has been signing have remained secret juu mkijua you will revolt.

They can’t have peasants not reporting to work religiously.

99.99% earn their income through providing labor. Labor is taxed at the highest rate at 30%.

0.01% earn their income through rents and dividends. Rental income is taxed at 10% and dividends are taxed at 5%. Uhunye received a few million USD in dividends last year from NCBA.

What about tax cheats? The revenue authority hunts down all the big fish worth following. All the small fish that aren’t worth pursuing are taxed through VAT. After all, low earners feel the greatest impact of VAT.

What about courts?? Almost all crimes are bailable. If the punishment of a crime is a fine, and you are wealthy, then only poor people will go to jail - obviously.

System ni ya majambazi!!I just wanted to educate some of you how the system works to pipinya your makeii at every turn.

Rent tax is passed to tenants, increase it and rent goes up. I’m opposed to taxing people who create employment, in terms of services and goods, because, they also pay lots of taxes along the way.

isn’t this the same monologue you have been saying since forever. Tafuta content buana.

system ni ya majambazi

Ndio Mimi nilisema siwezi andikwa kazi tena

Wanasema port ilishauzwa

Unless one wants to remain in the 99% for their entire life, I say this is is a good system. Ukiunda pesa yako hausumbuliwi kama the 99% na taxes mingi mingi.

We are two together. Employment ni upuss if you have a business acumen and crave for some freedom. It is not easy being an entrepreneur but it is rewarding. Hustle saa hii iko down so wife is really on my case nirudi employment to an extent of linking me up with prospects. She always gets mad at me akiona sina haraka na kutafuta job. I love my freedom mpaka sionangi vile naweza rudia 8-5 job na ile ujinga na office politics attendant thereto.

Dawa ni kutafuta hustle ya cash. You will forever be liquid na tax changes hazitakugonga sana. The only thing you will miss is the ease access to credit facilities na fringe benefits kama medical cover.


Fuck employment.

Liwe liwalo.

This is not unique to Kenya by the way. Hata Germany iko ivo and other developed countries. Kwa hivyo the trick is to know how the elite move and move like them. Make it impossible for them to hurt you by aligning your interests with theirs badala ya kufuata rat race. If you do it long enough you will join them.

Most people don’t even know that they are in financial jail because they have been prisoners their entire lives just like their parents. The media/schools do a very good job at telling them that they are “free”. Until you ask them to go to Muthaiga Golf club or stay at some elegant beach resort for a week, then they realize that they are indeed in jail. Some of us are freer than others, but it still amazes me how a vast majority of the people have no clue how rigged the game is against them.

Mansion Runda ni over $500,000. Unless you go and work abroad as a highly skilled employee (e.g software engineer, medicine) halafu urudi, your chances of ever owning a mansion huko are practically zero as an employee. I even doubt if a doctor takes home more than $3k a month after tax. Hesabu za employment huwa haziingiani most of the time. It is only useful ya kukupea capital and to survive.

There are about 10k HNWI in Kenya. I can assure you that if an audit was done regarding their source of wealth, most will be from corruption in government (past or present), or entrepreneurship. If you are not a business owner or a politician/bureucrat, you are playing the losing game and you will be average at best.

My relatives thought I was a fool to quit employment. A few years down the line, they wish they were me. Kwanza saa hii na rising consumer prices, wakas wanatombwa kutombwa. As for me, I can always responsibly take drawings from my hustle kikiumana. They are stuck with a static pay that just can’t keep up with living expenses and now is not the time to jump for them. Tunakula ngumu out of employment but we are making strides in the right direction.

'…Your ’ - ‘our’ unless you’re speaking from Jupiter

How can I do that?? Teach me priss.

Napipinywa pia like everyone else because I don’t exist in a vacuum. However, unlike them, I have aligned my interests and investments with the elite so that I can benefit at the expense of others in the rigged game.

The elite don’t earn salaries/wages which are taxed at 30%. They earn rent taxed at 10%, dividends taxed at 5%, capital gains from assets taxed at 5%. I am moving towards that direction pole pole.

Mad respect elders.
Jah bless.

It is just different sides of the same coin. In the grand scheme of things its all about earning money to enable you live a comfortable day to day life while giving you a chance to save for the future when you can longer work. Technically we all earn money at the end of the day, we all shop from the same shops/supermarkets, etc.
Psychologically both the entrepreneur and employee want their income to keep growing but in a worst case scenario the y want the income to remain consistent. No one wants it to reduce.

So wacha kuturingia just because you managed to create a career out of being a broker.

You make dangerous assumptions that can only be made by slaves. Thing is as a hustler, you have latitude over several variables. As an employee, you is fucked for as long as your employer chooses. Your efforts will not be commensurately compensated, you have to deal with static salaries amid rising consumer prices, deal with idiots for bosses and colleagues together with silly office politics then get kicked out to the kerb like a dog. All for what? A measly payslip? Pass me.
Dont get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with employment. However, if you ever hope to get out of some situation more so in a poor and unequal society like ours, Salary haitakusaidia sana. Think about it for a moment. Bar corruption and grand theft in public and private offices employees wangapi wanaezaomoka? Read up on the bourgeois and the proletariat.