Government should intervene and make Ruto take a Covid-19 test


The kind of attention Ruto gets, he does not even need to campaign…kila siku pale twitter ana-trend… So according to you Ruto walks with corona in his pocket anapulizia watu akienda?

Ruto rarely wears a mask which is v wrong. For that he should be called out. Hiyo ingine ni propaganda. We also need to know what happened to the COVID money and most importantly tuambiwe what the gava is planning to do about the rising numbers.

Why don’t these senior politicians fear contracting Corona?


They are used to living in club kukuland. They think they are immune to everything. Well well Rona is here and is not sparing anybody.

did those “associates” wear masks, did they keep social distance did they adhere to covid19 protocols? …if not then wapotelee mbali

Mimi nadhani its their god like complex mixed with their arrogance. Those guys walk and talk as if we dont breathe the same air ama shit.

Am watching hii covid to see what will happen.

Corona is a scam,period!!!

While your medical scheme is challenged and unpaid for they will fly out or be attended at home. Jeff alipona wakati madaktari wanaaga. We vaa mask yako kunywa miti.

Nope. They won’t fly out if kuna lockdowns in place. That is the beauty of Rona. Most countries will not accept them anyway. Mtu akalishe Rona kwao…
We were used to seeing our politicians here getting treatment tunawashwa sana…eeeeeeeeer they have to rethink again.

Ruto ndio super spreader mwenyewe yaani carrier…

the guys standing next to man who god snatched,ruto and his family must be immune to covid.kenya is full of idiots[ATTACH=full]334608[/ATTACH]

Watu wanaeza kua washapata vaccine mko hapa mkilalamika. Vaeni mask and keep distance. He knows kuna corona, his associates wanajua kuna corona. Their decision was not to wear and that was their mistake.

I have lost 5 people to Corona. Strangely, 3 had diabetes. But you can believe what you want to believe.