We all know that even under the strictest immigration laws that birth guarantees citizenship. Now the duet jambazi leading the said ‘govt’ to revert back citizen freedoms are now using even frivolous issues like a Kenyan born citizen not reapplying for citizenship to forcefully evict a Kenyan born in Kenya holding Canadian citizenship. We know this is an area of expertise from what transpired in Naivasha and in Rift Valley forceful eviction of non indigenous populations. One thing that is forgotten in blantant abuse of law is that it is setting an example for citizen lawlessness. KNHCR chair Ms. Mworia has noted increased citizen lawlessness, no prizes for realising the cause of this increasingly banana republic situation, citizen are following the very bad example ‘leaders’ set. Kenyans are very law abiding in foreign countries but when they live in a jungle where impunity is the Motto of the country, its no wonder, they become lawless. I hope that ‘security forces’ will be able to handle an increasingly lawless citizenry. Anyway, I personally dont expect much from people who funded and incited crimes against humanity. These people are criminals and so they can not by the nature respect the law, the liberties and rights of citizen and really lawlessness and bandit economy is their forte, they thrive in corruption and abuse of power. However, when you as a citizen are mugged or killed by touts whose matatu hit your car from the back or your lorry is burnt by boda boda riders or your business is burnt down because you are not from the indigenous tribe, take it all in your stride. Why? Because when it suited you - meaning when it was a party or tribe you belong to being lawless you cheered them on and laughed in glee. When you become a victim of the same disregard of the law, the same impunity please take it in your stride. This is a small price to pay for living in country where the law is only on paper. Enjoy the impunity but when it goes against your rights just accept that its the price you must pay to live in a banana republic.


You cant talk about violation of rights since an election has been settled and the looser doesn’t want to accept it . Your NRM general has been deported, he must be regretting why he had a dual citizenship in the first place.

Try harder Georgina, MA, BA, you excellency madam.

End of rant. Thread closed. I mean why bother us here on Ktalk when you can join fellow litigants and activists on the streets? Or reach husband flew you out to get some education? Almost raised a heartbeat there. Sorry. Your rant isn’t good enough. Nangoja matusi and long self-contradicting paragraph. Cheers.


This isn’t the first instance such a thing is happening to be precedent setting, Shiekh Khalid Balala thought to be of Yemeni descent but a Kenyan citizen was a thorn in KANU’s flesh in the 90s, wasn’t his passport revoked while on a visit to Germany technically being deported. He only came back to Kenya about 2 years later a broken man, he has never made a come back since then.

Fuck this fake ‘govt’. Lets watch the Wendy Williams Show.

My dear Georgina, can I take you to Canada for Valentines?

after you doing this? You’re asking??? REALLY???

Choose to face treason or be deported… Utachagua gani?

GeorJinga Hauchoki???