Government has no strategy on covid-19

We have accepted that the government failed to lockdown borders when it should have done so. Tanzanians in kenya started testing positive a long time ago. I am even surprised that our east african borders have been porous and it is only in the last two days they have decided that drivers crossing the border be tested only for fever. Isn’t it laughable? If you are finding 8-16 people from the population positive everyday and the number of active cases is rising, how are you going to ever succeed in controlling the disease? How many years or centuries will you impose curfew and lockdowns? Why can’t they strategize for massive mobilization for capturing the sick before the country’s ability to withstand frozen economy wears down and before the disease overwhelms our non-existent testing capacity?

My problem isn’t the lockdown or the curfew, but the fact that the sacrifices kenyans have done for the last 1 month are all wasted. I also have very vulnerable relatives and I wouldn’t want this thing to get to them. But no employer can pay people for sleeping at home. In a few months, people earning under 1 million shillings are going to lose their jobs and it will be crisis after crisis. When they can no longer freeze the economy, will they just let kenyans be ravaged by the disease? Does it have to be failure after failure? Is this guy deliberately crashing the country?

Give us your solutions mr. smarty pants

Argue against the points, not against my ability to tackle the problem. I am not the one under test.


Pata akili funda

That’s why tunasema Ruto for president… I am sure he would have handled this differently

Decisions are not made linearly , there are very many variables to consider.
e,g., what would you prefer to lose, under duress?
Your mjulubeng or your hands?


Unakuwaga na utoto sana wewe.Hujaona tumeanza kurudi job coz ata gova haijui ni nini inafanya.

Gathecha + Strategy= Syntax Error

It obvious that we would rather lose international human traffic and some money than deal with a problem the scale of what is in italy. We would also rather spend billions on testing and isolation than hospitalization of hundreds of thousands and disposal of tens of thousands of bodies. Or am i delusional?

What was the story line on saw movies?

Seems we are copying what the Americans are doing. If they open businesses tomorrow so shall we.

Mr Mutahi Kagwe will give us the way forward soon. Just relax my friend… Hata SAA hii Britain bado wako lockdown