government has money


if you don’t have money blame yourself for being lazy and not voting to be a shareholder.

There was a story somewhere about a huge delegation to Rwanda to benchmark on something. The rwandese told them they learnt it from Kenya.

Kitunguu :smiley:

:D:D:Dhapo tujaambiwa vizuri

Wafanye tu same strategy ya plastic bags, ukishikwa ukitupa taka 50k ama 3 months prison.
Mtaa zitangara


What the Rwandese doesn’t know is that those chaps don’t want to be there. It is the money that is making them take that trip. Nothing to do with their supposed cleanliness.

Uyo muigai wa njoro ndio Nani?

That, plus the rwandese women. They need to benchmark on the art of squirting.


Let me call anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina @Karoga @Berlin Oxford @Kalenjin101 waseme ati jambass alisema nini kuhusu hii maneno

Mofos should just build an ultra.5-star hotel in the Mara where they can indulge in their bullshiterry with less taxpayers’ mulla.