Government employees

Saa hii watu wanafanyia gava kazi wako mahali pazuri kabisa. Pesa inaingia tu bila shida. Imagine mtu amekaa home miezi tatu salo ikiingia.

Gava hailipi doo fiti lakini situation kama hizi ndo unajua its a better option. Wewe na private company saa hii uko home kama mimi unalipwa half salary ama umechujwa job hadi corona iishe.

Enyewe…Naona nikinunua kazi kwa Gova man.

Si mlisema ni wage slaves na hamuezi fanya 8 to 5!!! Kuna beshte mode kwa hizi estate academy alilipwa juzi 3k!

Unless you are working as a high level government official I think working as a career civil servant is the worst you can do to yourself if you fall into the lazy rudimentary trappings of civil servant life.Most of these guys are usually quite idle,anaingia job 9am,by 1130am he is done for the day but he cant go home.So he leaves his jacket on his table and his phone charger and then goes for lunch and drink whiskey at pitstop from 12pm to 4pm when it’s time to go back to the office.This becomes a daily activity financed by the small small bribes he gets from brokering services to wananchi.
15years into the job,he is used to easy money.He starts businesses but he cant sustain them because he is not used to any brick and mortar kind of commitment.He continues enjoying the perks of his job,occasionally eating massive pds whenever he travels and continues to broker deals.Anatoa the typical civil servant sina taabu kitambi and he becomes the envy of all his friends who now know so and so is monied.
My fren,when retirement comes it comes hard.When the easy money taps go dry,a typical former civil servant goes into asset selling mode.Remember he has to maintaining whiskey daily.Ako na maplot na manyumba but amezoea easy money,kidogo kidogo zimeshauzwa zote juu high life.Pesa ya retirement amepewa kama 3.6M for 30years work in government.Hio pesa inakulwa within 8 months.With only 120k left kwa account,he now hops from bar to bar telling anyone who cares to listen how he was a great civil servant, how he was paid mirrions when he retired.Sleepless nights set in when he realizes there is no bizz running and money is running out.Unaskia mjamaa aki die coz stroke.
Get into civil service with an end game in mind.Usiingie tu huko ati civil service hakuna stress.The day you will leave hio hio stress ndio itakuua.

Most former civil servants are living a simple happy retired life back in shaggz

Yes,the bright ones.I worked somewhere where they were about to retrench guys.They paid some organisation to come talk to guys about life after retirement in case one happens to be retrenched during the wave which was coming.The trainer unleashed the post retirement statistics and he did a comparison of retiring from civil service vs private sector.The picture for civil service was quite gloomy.

civil servants hawajuagi potential yao. they waste their lives, because there is no-one to push them to their limits. most of them have no name away from their employer.

True.Seen very few of them take advantage of the laxity in their Jobs. Most of them are in deep comfort zone just idling around