Government by Magic Spell


Huyu bado yuko parliament?

Sani upande ya Ruto mnalipwa ngapi? Ni 527kama uko kwingine?

mimi siko upande wa mtu yyote. my support for Ruto is based on my hate for the parasitic dynasties. Anything is better than Uhuru. The cartels being against Ruto means supporting him is going against the cartels. By supporting Ruto am going against Uhuru. No other candidate is being fought by the cartels. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

:D:D lazy bastard, unauliza ndio uende uone kama utapewa hio 527 ununue nayo chang’aa hapo Kayole?

Hadi usha chora budget!

Admin! Admin! Namaliswa!

I assume you didn’t vote for uhuru twice in 2017

Kwani bado abajiita -LAY after mzee kumwachw jui ya uhanyaji wake?

I have never voted. My grandmother was a voter, a kanu life member. how did it help her? my parents joined the queue, became voters, how has voting helped them? i am working hard so that my offspring will not need to vote. Whether the system or opposition is in power i am secure. I have enough bread for myself and my loved ones.

lakini kwa kijiji lazima tuelimishe watu. people are watching too much sponsored news on tv. they are succumbing to propaganda propagated by the cartels. for every one shilling stolen by Ruto, Uhuru has stolen 500 shillings.

We have two thieves. One of them is your son, stealing from the granary because he is hungry.

The other thief is the son of a rich man, setting your whole farm on fire, because he doesn’t want you to harvest anything. he wants you to buy food from his rich family.

I will stand with Ruto. Don’t tell me he is a thief. I know that. I am ready to compromise a few of my values to see Uhuru and Raila out of power.

What Luo’s have lost under Raila will take 10 generations to recover. Poverty has enslaved people in Luo Nyanza.

Kikuyus have the best soils, but they can’t use them. The land belongs to their Rich brethren who have enslaved them. They work in plantations, many years after slave trade was abolished. Kikuyus have been used and misused. Their milk is bought for 17 bob a litre. They must rebel. Their sons were used by Michuki and Karume in 2007. A few month’s later their sons were murdered in cold blood.

We must vote in men who resolve what to do and do what they resolve.

Proud men who fear God. William Ruto has no bank. He has no parasitic capitalists as his friends. He walks with poor men, peasants like Bonny Khalwale. He has no links with Mauritius, or Switzerland.
He has no senior military and police officers to protect him.

Ruto tosa

So basically the only reason you want Uhuru and Raila out is because one is a Kikuyu and the other is a Luo and you don’t like both tribes.

Hii ukabila ya Kenya sijui itamalizwa na nini. You are a young guy and already deeply infected with the tribal virus and hatred.

You even believe ati Kalenjin’s don’t participate in “dirty” , “sweaty” jobs like Kikuyus or other tribes.

I hate how my friends who are kikuyus and luos have been enslaved. used and misused. committing suicides and murdering daily because of stress. I love kikuyus, and luos, and pray that their tormentors, who are the Kenyatta family and jesus of nyanzareth, be out of power soonest possible

Sani si tunashindaga na wewe hapa! It’s impossible to hide these things. :smiley:

Supporting your tribal king is not bad, it’s only natural to support one of your own.

But ni vizuri pia ukubali Kikuyus have lead for a solid 35 years , Kalenjin have lead for a good 24 years out of 59 years… si uwache wengine waonje pia. (Not forgeting the long decades when Kalenjins deputized the president.)

I mean it’s only fair. Now you want Ruto your home boy to lead for another 10 years… unadhani wengine huskia aje kwa roho?!

Na hakuna kitu ya maana atafanya except turn himself from a shilling billionaire to a proper dollar billionaire. Angalau with Raila there is a positive vibe towards change plus it will diminish this idea that only Okuyu and Kalenjin can rule Kenya. My two cents.

Sioni tofauti yako and those u call “enslaved”

U are also enslaved by Ruto

The same way u view Ruto,is just the same way an average luo see’s Raila

Rails ameisha,but never seen a person who’s clueless on matters affecting this nation as Ruto

He is like Moi

Moi was everywhere launching this and launching that when in reality,the economy was sinking

here and there like Ruto

He once chided DP ,while in nyeri,DP stronghold…for being unable to run the affairs of the capital…wondering how kibaki would manage the whole country

U are describing Moi

The man who ruined Kenya’s economy

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