Government announces 1,870 job vacancies, apply before Aug 2, 2021

The government through the Ministry of Interior has announced 1,870 administrative vacancies.

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho said the state is looking to hire 1,200 Clerical Officers II, 205 office administrative assistants III, 109 drivers III, and 356 support staff.

The PS said applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the announced positions in the Department of National Registration Bureau in all 47 counties.

Applications are to be sent by August 2, 2021.

Interested and qualified persons have been asked to make their application by completing one of the application forms PSC2 (Revised 2016).

The form can be downloaded from the PSC website and completed application forms are submitted to the respective County Commissioner’s office.

Not worth trying. People have already been hired and appointment letters given. What is remaining is for other people to attend the interviews hence this announcement.

IMF imempa ruhusa ama ni kiherehere ako nayo kama njoti ya kwanza?

Salary less than 30k/ month .

Heri muuza smokies na mayai.

I long observed that formal employment is a fool’s errand kama wewe sii middle level management na kupanda. Jua Kali artisans are much better than you.

Might be a fool’s errand but that steady check is worth plenty o’ peace of mind.

Hehe hii point yako nikama ile tweet ati msee wa nduthi has a better life than a banker. That thread was funny exposing people bitter with their academics, watu walirushiana mawe mbaya.

Choma mahindi polepole bro:D

Wale wanauza smokies na mayai hapo riverside na otc wanapata profit ya not less than 1500 a day

You people complain about lack of jobs na mkiitiwa job you don’t want. Mnataka mini?

With an IRR of 4 days kabla warushwe kwa lorry ya kanjo. Manze comparison zingine ni za ufala serious.

I’d rather dunga suit na tie in a govt office at 30k than fukuzana na kanjo and rain, chokoras hapo OTC. Also kwa gava there’s opportunity for further training and promotions, pension, medical cover, subsidised govt housing etc. And also you could make 2k daily from “chai” given to you by citizens happy with your service.

i was just stating how much most of them earns in a day
obviously govt job is better

Mwalimu G naona umejua kuguza roho za wanakijiji?

Piga muziki pole pole. One of the reasons why I resigned my 8-5 was observing people who would qualify to be called failures making baby steps as we laughed at them in our nylon suits with empty pockets. Don’t get me wrong, employment is good at least for the peace of mind and perks. However, it shields you from some realities that you only get to realise when it is too late. Show me one employed low level to mid level fellow who can survive a year out of work unexpectedly on the same lifestyle and I will take you to heaven.

Depends with your occupation,some low level jobs pay as high as a half a mil p.m.

I’ve never disdained a stranger before until this character @johnpombe. This bitch nigga deserves a punch on the face, right in between his eyes.

Ume sahau tax free. No PAYE upuzi.

Low level - half a mil p.m??? Hiyo ni oxymoron

Uko na link ya tweet?