Gov Waititu...

…has managed to secure three plots owned by Posta in Kiambu county following talks with the state corporation and mediated by the Ministry of ICT. The vacant lots will be used as bus stops and will have small scale traders’ kiosks. Seen on the news at seven.

Good for him. A lot of posta lands at counties are idle and am sure many will be grabbed. Better to repurpose


unarushia kuku mtama kidesign afande

We have history with this lady Kwanza 2013 alitukimbiza kuliko gari ya miraa

unarushia purple mtama kwa handle yake ya kutoa her real character

Yeah can’t wait for 2022. Hopefully you can abandon baba and we can be on the same side

Huyu hawezi kuwa @Purple ,ako na siasa Kali ya muthamaki kuliko murathe and i can bet she’s showing uiliam middle finger right now.

Nope. Still with Ruto if the alternatives are the usual

What if it’s professor kibutha kibwana on the ballot?

Calm down boy! Ambia bibi akupee hii hupati kamwe

Kivutha is the only politician I will vote for. Even for uhuru it was more about voting against

Ankle Welcome back.

@ranny = @starks