Gov. Sonko - Tarmacking of Maji Mazuri Access Road in claycity ward in Kasarani sub county

The ongoing transformation of Maji Mazuri Access Road in ClayCity Ward, Kasarani sub county.

The road once complete will have a good drainage system, pathways and streetlights.

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I am just curious, who takes credit for this work?, area MCA, Governor, area MP?

There are only two heads of government in Kenya. President Uhuru as head of national government and Governor who heads county government. In this case since its a county government project credit goes to Governor Sonko. MP’s only supervise national government through committees and pass legislation. They also supervise CDF management directly. MCA supervise county government and pass by laws. They also get ward development kitty which they eat vigorously.

Just curious. Is this kasarani mwiki road?

Did I make a mistake? Presented it as received.

Kazi mzuri sana ya jubilee.

Good job governor keep it up

I can see my house right there