Gov Sonko - Repair of water pipes at Mlango Kubwa Dandora

Tunamaliza shida ya maji Nairobi.

My administration is committed to providing safe water to all the residents of Nairobi. We are taking serious steps to strengthen our capacity, to expand our networks.

We are currently replacing old water pipes with new ones at Mlango Kubwa. This is in line with my vision of a clean, beautiful and healthy city where water is safe, accessible, affordable and regular.

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1st and 2nd pic, those pipes look like they were installed back in the days when Jomo Kenyatta was a metre reader

Ngombe za watu wanafanya huku kwa mbirrionaire kukose maji for the first time. Huku sukari kumekuwa ni kama water rationing juu maji tunapata tuesday pekee yake kwa storage.

Hii pesa yote imekuwa ikienda wapi hizi miaka zote jameni…

Kuuma 1962…

Ni vile hatukuwa na a serious leader like Sonko

Good job Governor kazi iendelee styro hio hio

Why do I have a feeling Sonko might surprise many?

Well done. Those old pipes should have been replaced but our eating culture… The African. You cannot defeat him in doing the least.

Sonko na Uhuru are really working, one gets a feeling that we have gone through 54yrs on autopilot (ama ni juu hakukua na social media)…only thing I remember nyayo doing is construction of gabions

Enyewe huyu jamaa anajaribu

[QUOTE="only thing I remember nyayo doing is construction of gabions[/QUOTE]

usikue ivo:D:D

Why are the pipes exposed??

Nairobi is going to be new water pipe distribution routes that can accommodate bigger pipes and the whole population.

Good job. Those old pipes are so rotten hata nashuku tumekunywa kutu mingi sana.