Gov Sonko - Rehabilitation of Upendo Road in Mathare

Rehabilitation of Upendo Road in Mathare.

Mambo ya badilika
Mathare,Hospital ward which has 5 villages Gitathuru 4B,Kosovo,Mental and Deport.

Completion of Mathare-Mabatini Motorable Bridge and Approaches; This particular project is set to greatly reduce the traffic in Juja Road and Thika Super highway.

In the meantime, my administration will ensure that major potholes are filled in along the existing roads and try to make it as smooth as possible for motorists.
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Well done!!
Mtext tafadhali asisahau pavements for the walking majority.

Is this the road leading to muthaiga police station ?

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 2 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu says she is ready to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta, in the actualisation of her manifesto and the President’s Big Four agenda.

Speaking in Mombasa to Kitui school principals, the governor said she met Kenyatta and agreed on the similarities of their manifestos, hence the need to work together.

She also disclosed that the President agreed to support the Ndengu Revolution by buying green grams from Kitui for the National Youth Service.

Governor Ngilu addressed the educationists during their Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association Annual conference in Mombasa.

The governor also granted a raft of requests from the principals which include providing water tanks to specific schools, construction of 45 toilets in the 45 schools, drilling 16 bore holes, and to connect 28 schools with electricity.

She said President Kenyatta promised to help her in providing food to the 146 secondary schools.

She emphasised the key issues in her manifesto, and pitched for support from the school heads.

The Governor extended an olive branch to those demonstrating against her ban on charcoal and sand in Kitui to sit with her to be shown alternative means of earning livelihoods, other than engaging in activities which degrade the environment.

She also wondered why they do not cut down trees in their areas, which are the tallest but are only keen on cutting down those in Kitui.

She underscored the need for food security and highlighted the need of changing the way farming is ordinarily done.

She said there is need to invest in machinery and farm technology, for bigger yields.

She told the principals that she is banking on them to bring their different ideas and see how, together, they can improve that sector.

She said she will invest in value chain addition in order to reap more profits from the farm produce.

On Health care, she urged the school heads to back and enroll in the Universal Health Care, once it’s launched in June.

This will require every family to pay Sh1,000 for one to enroll to the programme, which will see the members enjoy free medical services for a whole year, without paying a cent.

Ngilu disclosed that the county government has partnered with National Industrial Training Institute (NITA) to train youths in various skills like shoe making, dressmaking, tailoring, masonry, welding and leather works.

Sonko should resurface the roads in the CBD. They’re cracking all over the place.

And he needs to redevelop the parking areas so people only parallel park on city streets. And have to pay at an electronic meters no more business of Jambo pay.

Good job Sonko

sonko will surprise many doubters,but all this roads should really have good drainage

Good job…but work has stalled in donholm roads for 3 weeks now

Very poor workmanship. Hata mtoto wa sanda three anesa ona this is papering over cracks. Road will last less than five years.

What’s this power pole doing in the middle of the road under rehabilitation?