Gov Sonko - Rehabilitation of Limuru Road and inspection of KURA intelligent traffic lights


My County government as promised is committed in improving the state of roads in Nairobi City.

Today my Transport & Roads CEC Dagane inspected the installation of the Nairobi Intelligent Traffic System along Red Hill, Limuru road junction, construction of public walk way, road mapping and land scrapping.

The smart traffic control system will ease traffic congestion on key city roads and save Nairobians millions of shillings used in fuel.

The Nairobi Intelligent Traffic System project will see traffic control technologies such as intelligent traffic lights, road markings and signage installed around the city.

The intelligent transportation system, which includes adaptive traffic lights that control traffic in response to road user patterns, will ensure smooth flow of vehicles by improving mobility in at least 100 intersections in Nairobi.

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hii pesa yote Kidero alipeleka wapi?why is he allowed to go Scot free

Alijenga hii


:mad::mad: ganji yetu ata rudisha tu siku moja.

Zazima Mali ya uma atarudisha !

Utaulizwa Kabura na Waiguru je?

Sonko for president, achana na directives , let your work do the talking, nobody in Nrb needs to be told theres a governor, we all see it , and Jubilee acheni kupiggy back, we all know who you wanted to be Governor Peter Kenneth but now sans that baggage called Igathe we can see why Mike Mbuvi became an MP with a landslide when he wasnt even a contender against giants and he never even got invites from TV stations. Heko Sonko . Fvck Jubilee.

In other news

[SIZE=5]Kenya may issue new Eurobond ‘next month’ to settle big debts[/SIZE]


After two years, we shall issue a new one to pay this one we are about to take this year.

Wah…goodnews. Hii barabara hunisumbua sana asubuhi.

Also starting from Village Market to Runda - is pathetic. @spear kuna-hopes?

Good job governor Sonko, kazi iendelee vivyo hivyo

Hii picha ya general ni past expiry.
Baba alimuruka.

pia hii naskia ako na shares hapo - iko on Waiyaki Way.

I hated that walking fellow 6ft drum

Wow!!! Is debt to pay debt one of the big four, after these four years sijui debts zitakuwa 500k per a citizen or what.

We will forever never miss that opposition sponsor and thief.