Gov Sonko - Rehabilitation of Industrial area roads starting with Falcon Road

Industrial area roads in Nairobi to be rehabilitated and tarmacked afresh. This has started with Falcon road.
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Long over due. Can’t imagine that’s a road in the industrial Area. That’s where you need the best roads.

Good job governor keep it up

I’ve passed through that road. It is hell. Let it be fixed.

Good job. It’s a shame our industrial zones have bad dusty roads

Big shame.

Good work Sonko

Things we take for granted, walking through the “streets” of Nairobi is a heart wrecking odeal. There is a grave need to address the state of those sidewalks/pavements.
Sometimes you wonder if you walking down a bombed out street in Damascus


Ile kutoboka wapandre watatoboka.

Iii ni ile imeteremka mpaka… M"nguruwe" Kwa Reuben.

Barabara za mhindi zinatengenezangwa akichota…hapa mbesha imetembea :D:D:D

industrial looks worse than Mogadishu. i tread passing those sides, si vumbi, constructions that are taking forver to be completed. disorganization, jams, etc