Gov Sonko - Rehabilitation of former Street Kids into schools and shelters

Former street families doing good in our various rehabs. After thorough investigations were conducted it has been revealed almost all of them come from outside Nairobi.
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Good work sonko…

Kuna wale walienda na chopper kujenga darasa zabmatope

Good job governor keep it up

That trend was set by the multi-billionaire Ephraim Maina:

[SIZE=6]Fury as Ephraim Maina flies chopper to launch wooden bridge

The former Mathira MP landed at Kabaru ward, Kieni East to officially open the Sh100,000 Kinyua Wa Mweru-Gachini bridge.

Maina, who funded the temporary bridge, was hosted by area MCA Duncan Gituanja - the Nyeri county assembly majority leader.

But Kenyans on social media have questioned the logic of the billionaire politician’s use of a helicopter for such a small event.

“Engineer wasted his chopper fuel to launch a wooden bridge? It’s the 21st Century,” Eustus Gitonga, a facebook user, said.

Blogger Robert Alai asked why Maina had to burn so much money to launch a wooden bridge.

The bridge was (allegedly) worth 100K. It costs 60K an hour to use a chopper. Anybody who know the value of timber will tell you that those rough-hewn planks and all the 4 inch nails needed to join them together would not cost more than 50K.

Hii Ni kama kufuga kunguru…watajiju.