Gov Sonko - Refurbishment of Mutuini County Hospital Dagoretti from 18 beds to 100 beds capacity

Massive refurbishment of health facilities in Nairobi City County will take place. The Nairobi City County government will upgraded Mutuini County Hospital in Dagoretti from its former 12 to 100-bed capacity.

Mutuini County Hospital is one of the four major referral hospitals under the Nairobi City County Government. The others are Mama Lucy Kibaki and Mbagathi Hospitals.
My mission is to upgrade all county health facilities in Nairobi so that you, and others, can benefit from the facilities.

Gov Sonko anachapa job. Sijui what was happening his first 3 months on the job but I’m loving this new side.

good work,hope he works on the one opposite pumwani imekuwa base ya machokoras

The first three months is transition period for setting up his government and getting his staff in place to fulfill the manifesto. Then remember when Gov. Sonko took over he found the county operating on overdraft such that monthly devolved funds was taken up before they could even pay salaries.

Good stuff Sonko

@native son musbcounty mbona hujawai kuniambia hii maneno.

@native son ni ng’ombe.

Vaa helmet za chuma

Nyayo ward? in other places the municipal council completed the stalled wards, starehe constituency and Nairobi city council have neglected the place in the past.

Well done! Slowly he’s being quite convincing. I hope he’s able to maintain the energy.

This is good!!!

What has actually been improved here?

They hospital beds are ancient.

The parking lot is not paved.

The ambulance looks abandoned cause it a Mahindra.

What a you suggesting?

Good job Sonko! Nilikutukana initially but I think you’ll go down in history as a performer. In the 5 years kidero alikuwa Governor hakuna kitu ya maana aliwahi fanya… very useless.