Gov Sonko - Kayole II Maternity Hospital

The well-equipped new modern maternity hospital with a 24-bed capacity, which will be commissioned next week, is indeed a true testimony of the efforts being made by my administration to secure quality healthcare for the people of Nairobi.

The Kayole II Maternity Hospital is expected to help decongest Nairobi’s Pumwani Maternity Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital.

I appeal and encourage Nairobians to utilize the new facility other than suffer in long queues in other hospitals. I’m also reviving all Nairobi county hospitals and dispensaries.
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Tano tena

Good job Governor

Gov. Sonko will make the unforseen errors here or there but he is getting most things right.

3 months down the line, it will be broken.

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Let’s hope women won’t be molested or some forced to sleep on floors.

That’s true

Hapana kanyaga kwa wakora.

Good work Sonko. It is now evident that the will comes before academic qualifications in implementing development agenda.

Which ever way it goes, we know under no circumstance you will discredit him. Hata akakutombea bibi… Or until the President denounces him is when you can do so.

:eek:by who?

Kayole 2 iko wapi @Touchlyrics @Kirwa ?

Peana mimba uonyeshwe

Bw. Mkuki,

Sonko is clearly on a mission.

What I like is that he’s giving attention to Eastlands as well as the Western and Northern leafy suburbs. For years, we watched places like Gikomba, Nyamakima, Kariakor, Kariobangi, etc. deteriorated, yet those are the places where the shilling spins fastest.

Negativos: nothing’s ever good enough.

Quality of service delivery should be emphasized. Staff should be trained on customer service. It’s time we break away from the association of poor services with government institutions.