Gov Sonko - Intensified Garbage collection in the city

On going Garbage Collection in Kibra.

My administration has been running a 24-hour garbage collection operation which has drastically reduced the level of uncollected garbage across the 17 sub-counties. As a short-term measure, we shall be constructing temporary garbage collection points across the Wards and place garbage skippers in strategic collection points within the CBD and dust bins to all major estates. The ward collection points will be built using iron sheets painted in county colours and logo, the decorated structure will have a slab floor fixed and a gate. This will ensure Nairobians have an easy access to dumping points. The temporary dumping point shall be emptied after on daily basis.

As a long-term measure for sustainable waste reduction, recycling and collection services, plans are underway to partner with both local and international investors to put up a number of garbage recycling plants.
Once complete, the recycling plant shall permanently address the garbage dumping challenges as well as job creation for some our youths.
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Well.done kizeee!

Now this is all that Kenyans want. Action. Sio kizungu mingi, tusuti na policy documents hazikuwi actualized. Ka jamaa kamekomaa aliacha kuvaa ushudren

Man’s not kiddin!

Hizo garbage skippers kubwa za green wa siweke cbd.Those small garbage litter boxes ziko sawa.

I still have my reservations about Mike but he is proving to be a man of action. Maybe that is what Nairobi needs at the moment.

Aendelee hivi hivi. I’m still concerned as to whether he has the vision for a long term solution to our problems as a city, but I am glad he is making the right steps. @spear, if you roll in his circles, si umwambie tu apunguze hawker tao…priss

Hawkers is a menace but they are also people struggling with life. National and county government have signed an agreement with World Bank to build 5 modern new markets for them starting this year as a long term solution. The other markets are due to be shutdown to allow for complete renovation so alternative markers are also been planned. Lastly some market lands have been grabbed and its now up to NLC and courts to give direction of the way forward.

Tano tena!! A step in the right direction…

Igathe will look like the spoilt little child who is not a team player when the city is clean and thriving.

kwanza endea mavi zako jacaranda. adolescent baby

outering road hawkers wamechafua, hadi lanes za gari zimekua zao

An ashughulikie matatu issue chap chap…

I will say it again: SONKO WILL SURPRISE MANY.

I’m also a man of action if you know what I mean

Surprises can swing both ways

Kidero set the bar too low…But then again, Sonko is doing a good job.

Najua kuna wengi wa publicity stunt but all am saying wa 001 zake ni gani

Theirs a certain talker who proposed such a modality here to curb garbage build up in Nrb county,…

If i wanted to increase revenue collection i would just target littering offenders just as ntsa used to be doing at those who were crossing the road kiholela . Watu wapate adabu .