Gov Sonko - Garbage collection at Mbagathi

Nyinyi mkikula raha, hapa ni wira tu.
On-going garbage pile up clearance at Mbagati Way.

This is just a temporary measure to clear over 3yrs uncollected garbage pile ups accumulated in various areas. We have already engaged 3 international waste management companies to put up a giant recycling plant at the Dandora dumpsite.

The companies will be using garbage as their main raw material to generate power and other products. Apart from creating employment to our youth, these companies will also be buying garbage from all over Nairobi.
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Great work governor Sonko, jubilee tano tena

Gov. Sonko alisema yuko hapo Mwaka Tano pekee. Next stop the Presidency;);):wink: Dunia ina mambo

I have seen this mountain of garbage every day since Kidero took over.

Kudos Sonko.

And a small correction: iko opposite Mbagathi, at the KNH side of the entrance to Ngumo.

Great job. Kwanza that part about setting up a structural waste management system and also create income and jobs out of the activities is going to provide a much needed long-term solution. Collecting and dumping elsewhere or burying waste will not work.

A great leader is always determined by the small gestures. …i always use that route…and to be honest…am partially blind to that dump site…coz am used to sieng it…so it’s like…it’s meant to be there…

Anyways…i hope the waste management initiative comes into fruition…