Gov Sonko - Fixing Accra Road Road drainage, Side work and Road

Nairobi Hakuna Kulala.

Fixing Drainage System Tom Mboya Street CBD…
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@GeorginaMakena hates this!

Sasa genie ass ni nini tena? You know me I love Sonko. If he makes the roads he will bcm my favourite hata naeza mfanyia free PR like the jamaa of Jubilee Development Projects . FREE. Even on my billboards with no payment, ok maybe for a day. But you get the drift.

Sonko will come to prove all detractors wrong he will make it look luke kidero was just wanking in his office during his entire term :slight_smile:

Hateer…this is a jubillee govt project. Sema tu you hate it! We all know you hate such! Just coz ni jubillee.

As in, why are you forcing me to hate it now? Si Ive said napenda Sonko. So ofcourse kama ni Sonko ametengeneza that is very good. Hebu kuwa genie ass uache kuspew hate. Ive even liked your post genie ass. Acha chuki. I dont criticise good things only bad things like corruption btw I voted for Sonko so atleast that is one less regret.

I’m trying to guess whom this is directed to.

But hapo acontrol those mathree lunatics who drive on pavements…

Kile kimama kia masters

The city will never be beautiful as long as matatus are still in town. Look at all those ugly things parked .

The judgment is still out on sonko for me. Hii Nairobi iko na mashida mingi kwanza there is no order at all. Matatus should be moved elsewhere. Taxis or county buses should be the only way to move around town. I still think sonko was the best option out of the ones we were given.

Matatu should be out of the CBD for order to reign

Good job governor

Kwani umenunua gari ukaanza kuzidharau na vile zilikuwa zinakusaidia kwa kupigia konda simu una mwambia akushikie kiti.:smiley:

Bas! Am blocking you, huwezi nitusi nikuachie and am blocking others. But why lie I will miss your genie ass of choclate and coffeee can make special tea. You are really too genie ass , you may infect me with it.Bye

I have mixed feelings about matatus. I believe there’ a better way to manage this industry without making a mess of the city.
Secondly they employ a very huge number of Kenyans.
I think restricting them to operate on a certain radius would be a good solution and slowly reduce the number.
Have you ever thought how the town would look without matatus and hawkers everywhere ?
Many cities have hawkers market at desinated places , not this madness we have .
I don’ own a car and yes I use matatus, I just advocate for an orderly way of life, chaos is not the way civilized people should operate .

The Bitch Gojinga Makend* hates it Period!!!

3% working 97% PR.

:D:D:D:D:D:Djingah! this in itself is an achievement!

Hapo sawa gavana.