Gov Sonko - Construction of Matopeni Road in Kayole, Embakasi Central Constituency

At Matopeni Road in Kayole, Embakasi Central Constituency.

I commissioned the construction of this road in July this year and the contractor has made commendable progress in just two months.

I’m appealing to other contractors hired by the Nairobi City County Government to emulate this contractor and save the public from poor roads and infrastructure.

This investment will unlock the constraints to growth in the city that are brought about by lack of good transport infrastructure.

For the last few months my administration has managed to construct the following Roads.

Rehabilitation of Dandora II Estate RoadsEmbakasi North 1.5 km

  1. Construction of Access to Haco Industries Clay City/Kasarani 1.4 km

  2. Construction of selected Roads in Utawala Estate U t a wa l a / Embakasi South 2.2km

  3. Rehabilitation of Captain Mungai Street
    Eastleigh/Kamukunji 1.5km

  4. Construction of Matopeni Estate Roads
    Spring Valley / Embakasi East 1.5 km

  5. Rehabilitation of Gathuru road Kawangware/Dagoretti North 0.6 km

  6. Construction of Vietnum Road Kwa Njenga/Embakasi South 0.9 km

  7. Construction of Mama Wahu road N g a n d o / D a g o r e t t i South 2.4 km

  8. Construction of Kirichwa Gardens
    Kilimani/ Dagoretti North 0.3 km

  9. Construction of Baba-Dogo Kariandundu Road Baba Dogo/Ruaraka 1.0km

  10. Construction of Sunton Cieko Road
    Clay City/Kasarani 1.0km

  11. Construction of Likoni –Plainsview Link Road& Bridge South B/Makadara 1.3km

  12. Rehabilitation of Stadium Road
    Kaloleni/Makadara 0.8km

  13. Construction of Academy Road
    Karen/Langata 1 km

  14. Construction of Kayole-DOD link Road
    K a y o l e / E m b a k a s i Central 1.0 km

  15. Construction of Access to Olive hospital
    South C/Langata 1.0km

  16. Construction of Access road to Memon Estate South C/ Langata 1.0km

  17. Construction of Access roads in Lucky Summer-PH1 Lucky Summer/Ruaraka

  18. Construction of Access roads in Lucky Summer-PH 2 Lucky Summer Ruaraka 1km

  19. Construction of Muthiora Road – Phase 2 Gatina /Dagoretti North 1.0Km


…whether people will say it is PR or the roads will bomoka in 2 months or anga what…

Kidero is a bastard!

Sonko has already done in 1 year what Kidero could not do in 5.
But I’m wondering, why can’t they just complete that road with footpaths?
Is it that Kenya we like ugly things? Don’t we like neat looking infrastructure?
That tarmac will be brown and full of sand and mud very soon.

I wish he could do half the roads he is doing, but do them to Western standards. Hii kubakisha mchanga on the side sijui kwanini.

Foot/bike path and in our case nduthi path is muhimu.

But Kidero alikula Mumias na Nairobi County. Umbwa yeye

It a shame that Kampala looks much better than the richer Nairobi. They’re building sidewalks are properly marking bicycle lanes and doing amazing landscaping work. Why is do to the same in Kenya is so difficult?



Tuko nyuma sana huko Nairofi.

Have you been to KLA?

Kidero ni umbwa ghassia takataka. Kudos sonko

Spear are you who I think you are?