Gov Sonko - Construction of Likoni plains view road and installation of drainage system.

On Going Road Construction and installation of Drainage System at Likoni plains view Link road. My County government as promised is committed in improving the state of roads in Nairobi City.
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He…kumbe sonko ako serious na job

Tender 2016-2017 meaning Ni kazi ilipeanwa na Kidero. Apana danganya spear

Kidero angeimaliza 2032.

When you know who owns those apartments, story itaeleweka.

Huyu Pablo Sonko akuwe running mate wa WSR 2022

I disagree, he should be someone younger. One generation hands over to another.

Okay, but do not write him out yet. Having Sonko as #2 and probale heir to #1 scares the shit out of me, however let’s see whether he does a good job in restoring Nairobi because we entrusted the supposed learned and they have failed us big time