Gotham is Back!

S03e01 iko pale kwa torrent

Can’t wait to see penguin in action… His performance in this series can only be equated to t bag in prison brake

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Ikifika season finale mniambie ndio nianze binge watching

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nilichoka kuiona…


Fish Mooney ndio nangoja

Tata ya @introvert imekwama kwa jam Outering rd

Don Falcon


Im currently in season 2 of this show. its a good story, but im disliking the fact that bruce wayne is having run-in with people who will be is enemies, whether directly or indirectly.
Its inevitable at this rate that he will run into a teenage Clark Kent or Barry Allen. Its not canon and but its like they are trying to force it to be and that is super annoying.
DC comics needs to have all their shows and movies exist in the same universe and timeline.

I had a crush on miss kringle

@introvert please launch Osungu.exe

Hiyo ya prison brake pia leo nitaongea jamaa… Aiiih… Umepigwa ngeta or whats happening where you are?

Very childish series.