Got money that doesn't belong to me

Collected ksh8000. 00 last Sunday in the parking area of my church. Thought there would be an announcement during the service about the lost money but there was none. Considered handing it over to the ushers or drop it by the church office but didn’t.
Now am planning to give an offering of ksh1000 from the money then ksh2000 for fuel that leaves me with Ksh 5000 which I want to give to a needy villager here, so if you really need it inbox me.

Was planning to offer it to that chokora @PHARMACY atleast anunulie watoto pencils and a plastic table for reading on but I knew he would rather buy his wife @Ngau kamisi.

Thought also giving it to the village whore @wakapote but the bitch would just shop for a bigger dildo.

On a honest note if you really need the cash inbox me, it’s not like that I don’t have needs but watu ni kusaidiana


What was so difficult about having an announcement made about lost money? The owner would be the only person who knows the exact amount lost.

Otherwise, hii post ni meffi tu :meffi:

Red flags everywhere


:D:D:D:D:D:D nimalizieni shoga @kanguthu ,aliuza kinyambizz huko Dubai akafikiria ni mjanja

You got filthy minds na ujuaji mingi.

Church !!! what were you doing there?

Kwani homocouple huwa hamuendi church?

Am afraid he want to dump me,he must have gone there to wink at other men.Lately he’s been moody

Check Messages mkubwa.

Kuna mjamaa alikuwa na shida hapa juzi, he was from Mai Mahiu. Tafuta yeye ubariki yeye.
On a totally related note when I used to do a few things in a remote area of this country rumored to be the Capital of witchcraft there was a belief that ukiokota pesa, to prevent any nuksi, you pee on it to cleanse it and send the juju back to sender :D:D:D

You have already failed. Come with your original handle

Ati K-RUPT alifanya nini:D:D:D