Got an idea for ViuSasa

ViuSasa is a Kenyan startup owned by Citizen TV (Royal Media Group) for sharing video content.

It is occupying a niche which is kind of a mixture of YouTube and TikTok and that means it has no significant purpose, problem to solve.

These global tech giants which ViuSasa is trying to compete with have nailed their positions rendering ViuSasa almost completely useless.

I’d like to see a Kenyan thing succeed like Chinese TikTok. And I got an idea for it (Any Citizen employee achukue notes)

ViuSasa could do this:

If they could team up with top artists (they begin with East Africa) the likes of Diamond, Harmonize, Sauti Sol etc to pull their fans to ViuSasa, the numbers may increase tremendously. Kind of like these artists launch their songs in ViuSasa and do any live shows there.

Such a move involving these artists will require money of course but it may be worth it.
Or they could strike a deal: Citizen TV to advertise their latest songs, albums or whatever for free. Though this may backfire as some artists may feel like they don’t need any advertisement as their name has already spread. For such cases money will have to do the talking.

But for now there is no much big difference between ViuSasa and a programmers app project sitting idly in the playstore

You have a point. I have never actually even seen the Viusasa app. If they wanna have any some sort of an advantage, they should do that.

It may fail to be a big thing here in Kenya but judging by how TZ and UG worship their singers, it can be a big thing there.

In Kenya we have bonobos like @rexxsimba who would rather spend a day looking for photos of women who look like hippos. Mtu kama huyo Viusasa ataenda lini?

@ Baby Panay :
Ever heard of the saying …
“…Little things amuse Little Minds…” …??? :smiley:


And what about yourself?

Why should I use viusasa when I can freely use YouTube and reach a global audience?

The rewards on YouTube are far much more than viusasa.

viewsasa is DOA for me. Don’t even know how/ where/why/ with whom to access it. There’s a serious lack of quality content that would incline someone like me to try the service.

I strongly believe that Kenyans are responsible for Tanzanians’s bongo sucess

Yes. Tumelea hao watu. Reminds of the Somali President tulilea alafu akaanza kutukojolea. Kenya should have that fool assassinated.

Nakubali mkubwa. I love your job…

You can hire me to do the job at a small token of US$ 1000000

Wonderful idea but one thing you have to understand is that Kenyan producers or media owners DO NOT LIKE SPENDING MONEY. They prefer making money not spending money to make money.

Look around you point one project that a Kenyan producer funded beyond ordinary expectation. Be it a musician or even a tv show. 15 years after papa shirandula or mother in law shows were launched they still look the same and the actors salaries are still more or less the same. In the U.S papa Shirandula by now would’ve evolved and he would’ve shot a few episodes in Europe or Australia. The budget would be hige and the stars would be rich.

Look at the hospital where they took Papa Shirandula???

Look at where he was buried??? Look at all the other actors and musicians in Kenya??? Look at the TV journos quiting because their salaries have been slashed. What does that tell you about SK Macharia and his friends?

That is why Lupita Nyong’o says fcuk Kenya. She’s been there.

Also Viu Sasa is largely just exploiting poor Kenyans. The money doesn’t trickle back to the creatives so the industry never grows.

This is replicated in many other Kenyan industries.