Got a Wife or GF? ...Why She Should be Circumcised

It is often said that a circumcised woman has diminished sexual urge and experience


A woman’s brain is not in her labia; the urge is conceived in the brain. Further, she has many more sensitive areas where pleasure can be usurped.

Professional experience with a number of them has shown me that they still cum. They attain orgasm.

I am a proponent of female circumcision, for ease of hygiene purposes. Another reason is discipline.

See, when a lady squats to pee, everything opens up like a cut gizzard. Well, not everything. The labia still obstructs the opening, albeit minimally. So the part of the pee stream hits the labia and splashes on her genitalia down to the base of her butt cheeks. That’s why they always go with a tissue or wipes. I highly recommend washing with water. Highly.

Proper circumcision removes the labia. The pee stream gets unobstructed exit and therefore no splashing, and therefore more hygienic.

On discipline, as they heal circumcision wounds, they are taught how to behave around a man, and his supremacy.

Reserve your comments to the day you acquire a vagina…ok?:smiley:

Sasa pia wewe unafeel supreme? How many vaginas do you have?

Stick to the intellectual issues I have raised


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Saa moja on an easy Saturday na kitu ya kwanza mtu anafikiria ni the intricacies of how a woman’s pee splashes. It must be very severe dry spell.

What do you expect from this foolish Somali terrorist sympathizer? You know what they do to their women? They scrape everything in between the legs. Note I didn’t say cut, they scrape with a knife/razor! You think that’s all? Nope they have to sew both sides together leaving a tiny hole for pee to drip through. Yes it’s that small. And when it heals both sides fuse kabisa. And when you thought the torture was over the wedding night rolls in and guess what? the husband has to use his d*ck to rip it apart. Can you imagine the horror and pain of ripping flesh apart? Well most of the times after several trials it’s not possible and the wife has to be taken to hospital to be surgically cut open. And I know your hoping that’s the end of it all. But wait until it’s time to give birth… fvck outta here bingwa with your archaic ideologies.


Si aviator ametahi. Wewe unaona kama ilimsaidia kweli?

I did not know it was this way, people should be told this so that they get a clear picture.

See, I am trying to help your own here. I am comfortable with the males. Kwetu kwa waume hatuna shida. But ni vile nimeona ladies hawaelewi why they need to be circumcised. Do u love it when pee splashes on u? What do u need the labia for anyway?

Be objective with this; I am not just saying … I am helping the womenkind on ktalk. I just waiting for that single inbox where one of you will request to be circumcised for hygiene purposes.

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