Got $45million to blow? Billionaires only thread

One of the largest blue diamonds is going on auction on May 18th at Christies. The Oppenheimer Blue , 14.62 carats will be sold then.

@spax I’ll buy you the pink star diamond to match your manicure

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Blue is the colour of elegance

klist billioneas are stocking arimis .
they dont buy things they dont need


Dong billionaire

Did you guys see how Tanzania will be ripped off from the 13.68 carat pink diamond they mined?

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Billionaires ni kujifanya tu. You can have an identical one made in a lab. I compare it to that blue and yellow painting that sold for US$ 45m.

If they were serious billionaires they would buy the diamond, crush it and sprinkle on their lube.
then tell the girl how you are hard as a rock for her


Bado, tupe uhondo

Usione zile makufuli ana catch lately, ati tanzanite pia sisi ndio major exporter na hatuna hata one mine.

this is a billionare thinking but the one i know is a faggot

I’ll be at the auction hata nishapewa bidding number. ule anataka kunituma inbox tabasali

Fix it as a stopper on their eighteen inch third leg .

Link tafadhali?

Nilisoma kwa mandazi moto. Wacha nitafute link.

Ndio hii rink :

Apparently ni nyingi.

Shiny stones illusions :cool:

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