Gospel Singer caught kissing another man

This geyism in the black community is now bec too much. Why do black men want to be women. I know it can suck to be a man but now if like a quarter of black men are in jail, the other quarter are gey maybe this geyism is from jail. The rest die before 25. No wonder one person needs to get 9,10,12 kids coz especially boys are just DOOMED.


Mungu amejionea Mengi, here is the guy singing worship songs. No wonder Lucifer was the worship leader. Sasa huyu uki Skiza these songs si you will get possessed by gey demons.


Let people enjoy their wicked fantasies in peace. Ubaya tu ni MTU ajaribu to rub the gay shit on my face 'cause huyo nitamuua.

You have an issue with men, madam. Kwani walikufanya nini?

We tend to consider sexual sins with so much disgust. Yet it is between two people and in this case consentual.
I am no saint. Sexual sins are bad yes. But they are sins just like our.
I much rather a prostitute than a pretender.

You have an issue with the truth. Statistics are where I get my information since I am neither a black American nor a magician to know such info. If you weren’t so ignorant you’d know black American men are the bottom of the barrel, worse than even black women I’ve put the research here but since you want to be personal let me leave you to it.