Goriest Documentary

I have just watched Nazi Concentration Camps on Netflix and it’s heartbreaking. The Nazis were evil personified. The last five minutes of the documentary are the worst. At Bergen-Belsen concentration camp the dead were so many that they had to use heavy equipment for mass burial.

Link ya youtube

Not as evil as your African overlords. Corruption has killed more Africans than the nazis could ever dream

The jews always crying and playing victim, 6m polish people were killed by the nazi same number as the jews, 10m Congolese were killed by king Leopold… Etc there are many historical injustices the jews need to realize that and move on

Pale Rwanda genocide, a child was suckling her dead mother, iliniuma saidi

14 million Chinese were killed during ww2, why is it always this that gets the most attention

22 million Russians lost their lives. Jews are just cry babies

Hii tifii Ni ya nguvu…

I think that there’s always been this campaign by the west to downplay the contribution of the Chinese and Soviets during ww2.
They paid the most in blood fighting of the Germans and Japanese

The Germans would not have been defeated had it not been for the Russians. The fact that 80 % of German casualties were in the east tells you about the scale of the battle there.
Not forgetting that the biggest tank battle in history was the battle of Kursk and which actually was the war’s turning point.

Because this was systamtic-hitler and his men were gangsters

Operation-the last jews solution with Himmler at the apex dang it’s sad but yet again it has taught me alot on political ambition hitler was skilled politician

I urge you to delve into the horrors of

Unit 731
Rape of Nanking

There were far more cruel people in ww2

I can bet Jews are the financiers behind this documentary…flogging a dead horse

Without the soviets the nazis would have won the war, Hitler made a grave mistake of invading the soviet union. The soviets fought back and Germany was completely destroyed, after the war in Europe the red army was preparing to invade Japan and the emperor of Japan fearing that he would suffer the same defeat and humiliation like Germany he surrendered and coincidentally it was at that time US were dropping the atomic bombs, Americans and most people around the world think Japan surrendered because of the atomic bombs but in reality it was due to the soviets

Wacha kupiga TV picha, give the link. Eish. Ushamba.

Nani atajua ako na Samsung 55 inch


Hii pia ni moto for those who haven’t watched try it.

Probably because the Nazi atrocities were extensively recorded.

The documentary was made by a crew embedded with the allied forces…it’s in black and white. The photos and videos were used as evidence during the Nuremberg trials.