[Gorey] 2.4 mirion imekunywa maji


[SIZE=5]2.4 mirrion gone [/SIZE]


i prefer trains and ships now…hii ni ngumu to survive

Rip to both driver s

So sad. God sef us

looks arab owned

You cannot compare a life lost to 2.4m kumbaff

Around 150,000 people die everyday. Since the modern homo sapiens started walking the earth, 100 billion have died. Do you care about all those people too?

Wah! Pole. Kwani hiyo cygnus ilikuwa inaenda speed gani?



That’s scary. May the owner rest well.

Family ya joho



Luwere. Na watu wataona hii na wazidi kuburusha magari.

Seems very likely the V8 guys were racing with the guys(s) in the Beamer

It seems the owner had just had it painted and he put in new tyres and rims.

Damn bana wueh! Kama hawakumek unlikely as it is, RIP

Was this LHD?