Gordon Opiyo ameongea point kali


Our forefathers just like this village elders had set those standards out of experience…mzungu akaja hapa kutupotosha

No wonder jaruo wameongoza kwa HIV infection rate.

He is right through and we’ve spoken about it in this village. Lazima wife yako atalulwa nje one day.

Even other tribes who had many wives knew they couldn’t service all plus it was also good to have some foreign blood in your family name incase your blood is " cursed" (hereditary diseases) you name would still remain with the illegitimate children, so such men were known to make a ruckus when approaching the homestead so the young men munching would disappear avoiding the embarrassment of meeting face to face and forcing the older man to try and physically challenge the young man which neither wanted .

Kweli kapsah Iko siku I was told by grandpa kitambo tuzee tulikuwa tuna kuja usiku. Tukifika Kwa gate tunajifanya tumelewa chakari. Itabidii abebwe juu na hao mabibi zake like a king.

Feminized simps with no culture will hang on these lies.

i story nimekataa na nitaendelea kukataa…kunguru ndio hafugiki…na sio madame wote kunguru