Gor Mahia part ways with coach Dylan Kerr


Whatis omera?

What?? Dylan Kerr and Gor Mahiga were a match made in heaven I hope this is a joke

Gorchieth hawana kakitu Hadi wamefurushwa kamp Toyoyo. Kocharee amegura juu hawana kasamthing ya kumlipa.
Kazi Tu ni kelele mingi na mapararira.


Gor’s management continues to fuck up the club.

I said it here and I’ll repeat. Trouble started when the club lost high-profile players like Kagere, Walusimbi and lately Ephraim Guikan. The management was doing nothing either to stop those transfers or find good replacements.

Batambuze can replace Walusimbi but Mustafa can’t replace Kagere.

With the loss of the coach now, watch Gor struggle.

Ferk Gor.
It’s one of my must hate clubs.

did you guys read the blog post? The coach left for greener pastures and on good terms, hata zidane left

Greener pastures na players wamegoma. Hadi grao ya zoezi mumefukuzwa.

We know hatred is your forte

Hio greener pastures ni face saving.

Zidane fell out with Florentino Perez.
They do things in a gentlemans way over there not the way you brazenly tell talkers to leave here.

Gor Mahia is the most successful football club in Kenya, they need to produce their own competent coaches although they do not have the capacity to do so right now but they have good relations with proper football clubs like Everton, i heard they have a friendly match with Santos too, these are the kind of clubs you send your brightest managers and coaches to go to learn from, they really do not need to import foreign coaches when local ones can learn first-hand from the competent coaches in good leagues.

It would be nice to see a local coach who dominates the league like Kerr has done.