Goonship and political prowess,


Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta must have been a weak politician or a soft good politician. In Africa and South America(the two are cradles of tough politics) the kind of politics Uhuru Kenyatta played is not tolerated.

Someone at his level whether retired or active must have an active jeshi for personal protection and for clearing and forwarding activities. Either in the farm or at the road or in clubs that he will frequent.

Let’s start with Raila Odinga. Baba has a jeshi around him under pay that deals with funny looking creatures that will want to harm Tinga or destroy his properties. Their commander is always in the convoy of the enigma to sniff any monkey business before he sends an sos to the barracks for reinforcement.

William Ruto when dp didn’t even trust the assigned government security. He had his own people especially his tribesmen that keeps guard in Sugoi and his other properties. The jeshi ya Ruto walk with bows and poison arrows ready to dispatch to sayuni anyone that will harm their boss.

Simeon Nyachae had Chinkororo. A private militia that protected him and spelled vawlence on anyone that threatened the son of Nyandusi.

Fred Gumo was the patron of jeshi la Mzee gang in the city. Btw however old and frail Gumo his, it’s not easy to invade his Nairobi properties and do merry with them.

Babu Owino has his Tialala gang. Some heavy built boys that give the boy from Kisumu protection. That’s his jeshi. Even if his security is withdrawn, Babu will be protected and walk freely as he does

Maina Kamanda had the Nairobi pickpockets group that protected him when he was Starehe Mp. Those ratchets will even smell any danger to the old man and ask for his permission to act.

While in Dagoreti North, Simba Arati had his Congo Kawangware boys. They were his and protected him.

Moses Kuria has his militia even though they are not well fed. But they are there.

The private militia always build strong politicians. It makes them tough.

Had the nonsense that’s happening on Ngina’s land happened on Odinga’s land, those dirty glue sniffing miscreants will have been minced meat as we speak. Even those who tried throwing stones at Spectra ran away as their feeble legs will carry them once they heard Jeshi was on the way from Lower Karen barracks.

And willy the wanka has the wankers

Watu si wajinga buana! We’ve been awake to political machinations in this country since multiparty became a thing… Everyone knows that Mungiki has been killing people from other communities since 2002 for someone around this bitch. They did it in 2002 in the Nairobi slums, were used very actively in 2007, and on so many occasions thereafter, which landed someone at the Hague! They were actively engaging people from other communities during the elections of 2013 and 2017, where they maimed and killed innocent civilians going about their business. Even now, the same person is still being associated with that very gang by the government of the day, and the accusations do not seem very farfetched!

We may be silent, but we can see the things that are going on around us.

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