Gooner corner

My all time fav

Real goon here…Wrighty is a legend.



He’s past sell-by-date… Expired!!

Coz he can’t stay there forever.

Hii pia ilikuwa poa, I miss those days.

We won the league at ol’ Trafford, we won the league at ol’ Trafford, we won the league at ol’Trafford!!


He went on to ManUre to win, nothing. Just like the mapuche pianist

hii bao ya Bergkamp ndio huwa nimetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii




Real baller, Legend

The Legend soon 17 yrs since you left. RiP+

David Rocastle

again wengerout

Oh you just realised a “course”?
You kinda late I think…

course ni ww…it is well known in these streets. wengerout

I suggest you go and join your friends in your streets.
I didn’t call for Wenger in/out demos that have been going on for years now.
It’s stale nyuz

Gooner Rolls

Oh Rocky! Oh Rocky!

On this day today, 17 year’s ago, the cruel hand of death tore you away to eternal glory, only 33 years of age.
You singlehandedly evoked the Arsenal ManUnited rivalry that lasts to this day, we will never forget how you danced man U’s middle field and defence before embarrassing Peter Schmiecle…glid past Neil Webb, used his strength and danced past Paul Ince before beating Schmiecle with a superb chip off the 25 yard mark…later in the game, fracas broke, and you got sent off… memories a 1 all draw it ended.

David spent the majority of his career at Arsenal where he was nicknamed “Rocky”. Rocastle then went on to feature in the Premier League for Leeds United, Manchester City and Chelsea, before later playing in the Football League for Norwich City and Hull City and finishing his career in Malaysia with Sabah FA. Rocastle also played for the England national football team, in all earning 14 international caps for the Three Lions.
Rest in peace Legend+