Google top searches in Kenya 2017

Top Trending Searches

  1. IEBC Results
  2. Gambia
  3. KCPE results
  4. Despacito
  5. Tibim
  6. NASA Coalition
  7. Jubilee Party
  8. NASA flag bearer
  9. Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)
  10. Presidential results

Trending Events

  1. Kenya Elections
  2. Lecturers’ Strike
  3. Mayweather vs McGregor Fight
  4. Confederations Cup
  5. Africa Cup of Nations
  6. Zimbabwe coup
  7. Hurricane Irma
  8. Easter
  9. Catalonia independence
  10. Ramadan

Trending How To

  1. How to check KCPE results online
  2. How to file KRA returns
  3. How to make pancakes
  4. How to write an application letter
  5. How to lose belly fat
  6. How to make money online
  7. How to bake a cake
  8. How to create a website
  9. How to get pregnant
  10. How to write a report

Trending Sports Personalities

  1. Alvaro Morata
  2. Romelu Lukaku
  3. Philippe Coutinho
  4. Nemanja Matić
  5. Ivan Perisic
  6. Thomas Lemar
  7. Cheick Tiote
  8. Antonio Conte
  9. Dennis Oliech
  10. Floyd Mayweather

Trending People

  1. Mwai Kibaki
  2. Babu Owino
  3. Ezra Chiloba
  4. Janet Kanini
  5. Nicholas Biwott
  6. Robert Mugabe
  7. Joseph Nkaissery
  8. Nderitu Gachagua
  9. Jimmy Wanjigi
  10. Chris Msando

Trending What Is

  1. What is sarahah
  2. What is a pangolin
  3. What is bitcoin
  4. What is biology
  5. What is covfefe
  6. What is old and new at the same time
  7. What is happening in Zimbabwe
  8. What is the meaning of tibim
  9. What is pesalink
  10. What is IEBC
  1. What is a pangolin

:D:D:Dhio ata mimi nimeshangaa nani walikuwa wanatafuta

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Interesting s.e.x haitakuwa top this time.

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1.What is HKM

  1. What is old and new at the same time.

Nothing about bitcoin?

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Kwani hii list imetoka IEBC? No xvideos? We want fresh elections!!!

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