Google sells data

Yesterday is the day I believed that Google sells your data and makes money in the process. Jana nikiwa bado kwa ofisi I entered into an argument where some two colleagues were arguing that Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is better than Subaru WRX Sti. I couldnt let Subaru be disrespected that way. I argued out my point and showed my support for Subaru WRX STI.

Later kufika home and logging in to ktalk napata advert imejaa gari za Subaru STI. Now I believe Google sells people’s data.


Aaaaaand the sky is blue.

How do you think they’ve been surviving all this while?

Facebook app uses your microphone to record your conversations without your consent.

What do by our expect? Google sells infomation, and your personal unique data is part of it. I intentionally enter wrong info on Google and thereafter get sales mail;print and media quoting such info. They listen to your conversation too via Alexa and Siri, Google voice apps etc.Yes, it is business.

Uwongo, mimi huwa nimetaja ugali kwa siku over 50 times…sijawahi ona advert ya unga


Kama unataja ugali, utaona adverts za nyama na mboga for stew

Clueless people.
That’s a Google ad.
Cheki just uses Google for placement.

Cheki does not the first thing about you. Cheki does not know you exist. Cheki does not know you want an STI.
When they buy ads on Google, they only specify the target audience they want Google to show the ads to.
Google does not give them any private data.

The only data Cheki gets from Google is how their ad performed. e.g. how many people saw it and how many people clicked on it.

So, YES Google collects data such as search history and maybe voice. So that they can match you with relevant ads.
But NO, Google does not sell that data.

They collect your data but they don’t sell it.
They use it internally to serve ads.

You make it seem like an advertiser buys a long list of people, their searches, their private info etc.

:D:D:Dread somewhere apple and Alexa devices listen and record conversations remotely

I have an amazon echo and a Google home already. And I plan kuongeza an echodot with clock + Sonos hii black Friday. Na sijali

Welcome to 2006

If a company gives you anything for free then you are the product example like Google as you said, Facebook, WhatsApp etc

There is no more privacy nowdays. Learn to deal with it ama urudi mitini uishi jungle style hakuna atakusumbua huko

its called artificial intelligence stop being a dimwit…Google gives you relevant ads

All online tech companies mine data. Hata wakina jumia does the same. Thats how they know which advert watakuwekea.

Jumia ni washienzi sana. Kuna time nilisearch condoms huko, every time nikieka cursor kwa search bar, “studded condoms” inaletwa kama suggestion. Washienzi sana.


:D:D:DHiyo ni ujinga ya highclass… Kuliko uingie super ununue ni kusearch