Google play store...

Techies i need your assistance …ive got the BlackBerry z10 and i wanted to download the play store so as to enjoy the apps … now the problem is that i have seen the tutorial but my phone isn’t downloading the links given …Even the various Apk given haidownload…nisaidieni tafadhali.

saidia peasant wacha complications


Now, how is anyone going to assist if at all you have not indicated which site you went to, which links you tried, how you did it, what difficulty you encountered. Unaandika tu, ‘hi guys, am lost, can i get help out of here?’ Give details, nug… ama wacha tu…

I tried crack berry and followed a link that had been posted…also tried you tube on the same tutorial but as i clicked the play store as instructed the links for downloading dint appear, am currently using version…wacha nitafte hizo links

tafa apk files ya apps unataka and sideload

Found a liable link managed to download it …thanks