Google out here choosing vayolens


What’s going on?

Its only women who give mixed clues and expect men to take cues of what they mean. Weka hekaya khasia

It’s 6am. 1st lady ameomba simu ndio aflash yake which somehow went missing tukiwa mechi. I give her my phone then leave coz gazeti. Kurudi napata this daughter of jezebel amewaka moto, wants to know why google wants me to review the bar. Nikaona brain cells hazitoshi so nikaleft, said the gazeti guy hakunipea change. That was 10hrs ago. Over to you

Buda bado haueleweki, eleza hekaya polepole with commas na paragraphs



Anajaribu kusema Google ilimseti ilidisclose lokesheken yake. Ata ivyo bado haelewek

What in the holy fùck is going on here? Is the talker sleep chatting?

I think he had been to Texas bar earlier and google got his location. So when someone else wanted a review of the place, google got in touch with him. Biggest question though is how did the wife know the kind of biashara that happens at Texas bar and restaurant, unless…