Google Maps Timeline

Is it possible for someone to hack into the google timeline belonging to somebody else?Was exploring mine today and i saw it explicitly shows everywhere i went and the time i soent there including Sabina Joy banae.

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Well you can turn it off… Google timeline isn’t foolproof though. Sometimes it catches random places depending on your device accuracy.

Other times just standing outside the place can count as bein there .

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your location service was on. It tracks where you are if leave it on

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mine is always off


Asante masta

You should turn it on. It can be a life saving alibi.

Aham. Alikua anakula malaya SJ when KCB Sarit was being robbed.


Kuna dem anafanya Coop aliwai shikwa na bwanake juu ya hii Google maps location. Hio story sijui iko wapi. Naiangalia na haikuji bana.

Hehe,no more privacy hata location ikiwa off if you switch on data you can be traced.Pia Kuna other apps zenye umepea permissions bila kujua.