Google maps shows traffic updates

Got this from an uber driver… When u open your google maps under options enable traffic.
The red line shows traffic not moving the green lines indicates traffic busy but moving.
No line simply no traffic
Have a good day people
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welcome to 2016

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imekuwa hivi for a few months now, when you also map your home and work, it tells you approximately how long it will take to get to work and problem areas on the road. When you leave the house / office during your kawaida hours of commute unapata notification


Why can’t traffic cops use this info to deal with problematic areas and decongest roads?


Traffic for them means money money mooooney…maney!


It’s not in their interest!


Theres no route showing on maps when going to Lamu, I want to get there by 5.


Angalia Malindi-Mokowe. Mokowe jetty is the last point you’ll get to using a vehicle. From there you take a boat to Lamu island. Kama ni flight, the airstrip is at the neighboring Manda island.


Safiri salama mblo.

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Download this app from Google Play Store. It gives you the option of downloading an offline map for the country you want.

Good thing about this App is that you can use it when offline or if there is no data connectivity unlike google maps that requires data/bundles.

Though I use both Google Maps and

MAPS.ME comes in handy when you’ve NO data or poor network connectivity.


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I’ve been using the feature for over a year, (since October 2015) . Compliment it with Ma3Route and you good.

Google map allows for downloading of maps for offline too. Been there for a while

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Ubaya hizo za gmaps offline huwa na expiry date.

Here maps za Nokia pia huwa na offline Option

Yes. I recall Ovi Maps back in the days of Symbian.

Nokia is comin back in 2017 with an android smartphone.