Google Knows Too Much About You

Many people ask google to show them the way from their HOME to wherever.

Your fingerprints are already stored in a server in California the moment you started using Fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Your Pictures
Google photos already has your dozens of photos and of your loved ones. Face unlock has a VERY clear portrait of yourselufu sometimes even your iris profile.

That is among the many ways that google uses suggest ads to you


ukiangalia developer you will notice they use android camera to mine data :green_emoji: going down this road utaanza kuva tinfoil. accept it and move on


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Niko nayo camera, made from heavy gauge


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Urongooo these are stored locally on device

Now be the person collecting this data

If only Snowden and Assange could have coffee.

In maximum security prison Guantanamo.

When you reset your device and it gets into FRP mode, it requests you to unlock it using either Pattern, Password or Finger print.

Wacha kutetea Google. They access more than is required from the users including WIFi passwords. Ukireset simu then ufanye Restore, all your Wifi passwprds are restored.

Mefffi thread. How many people use google services? Na do you think u r that important. Haikosi nyinyi ndio huwa mnafunika front camerĂ  za simu na laptop ndio watu wasistalk.

You don’t have to use google Service for Google to get data from you fala hii.

The Phone app alone has all the permissions to the device ranging from Microphone, Camera, Keyboard.

Camera app has permissions to use Location, Microphone and others.

From Android 11 onwards google launched their own Phone and SMS app that replaces the native apps that come with the phone. The SMS app is linked to the Device’s Account Manager and you can even view the SMS on Chrome on your Desktop.


Chrome has ALL

What’s the issue, all my neighbours and friends know alot about me

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