Google io 2016 livestream

Are there geeks over here? If so how many are watching the Google io?
So far what do you like?
I really like Allo messaging app. Cant wait to try it. Google home will give Amazon Echo a run for its money.
Stream it here live

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Allo lets you communicate with anyone in your phonebook—both Android and iOS.

Allo has a built in assistant that you can play with games or book a restaurant with.

With a feature called Smart Reply, Allo will attempt to recognize what they’re saying, or even the pictures they share, and suggest answers you can simply tap instead of typing. In one example, Google sent us a nice macro shot of a butterfly through Allo. “Pretty” and “Beautiful butterfly!” were among the auto-generated replies we could use.

That’s because Allo taps into the same machine learning network that powers Google Photos, according to the product team, and also teaches itself to reply using phrases like the ones it sees you use.

“We train it across what users are saying and build these clusters that have related meanings to them,” Kay said. “Because we have these clusters, we know that “haha” and “smiley” and “LOL” are connected, or “five minutes” and “later” are connected.” Then, Allo can suggest an answer that you might actually see yourself saying.

While having Google servers analyzing all your messages and photos might sound a little creepy, there’s a way to opt out: A separate incognito mode provides end-to-end encryption to keep messages private.

Other features: The ability to share photos directly from your phone’s camera roll, loads of sticker packs (a popular messenger app feature) and the ability to “whisper” and “shout” in a text-based conversation simply by dragging an arrow up or down to quickly change the font size of any given message.

Like many other modern mobile messaging platforms, Allo requires users to register with their phone numbers rather than email addresses, and uses them to populates their contact lists with people they already know. But it’s new for Google, whose previous platforms (like Google Hangouts) were based on email addresses instead of phones.

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Google’s new video chat app has an interesting quirk: You can see a live video feed of who’s calling you, even before you pick up the call. Think of it as a digital peephole, before you answer the door.

The search giant unveiled the app, called Duo, on Wednesday at its annual I/O developer conference held at the Googleplex Mountain View, California


The goal is to make the person on the other end of the call more likely to pick up, said Amit Fulay, a Google product manager who demoed the app in an interview ahead of the event. The act of video calling takes so much coordination – setting up a date and time – that Google hopes just seeing a friend on the other end will spur more spontaneous communication. (If you’re the one doing the calling, you won’t be able to see the other person until they pick up.

The app is also available for both phones running Google’s Android as well as iPhones. So, unlike with Apple’s FaceTime, iPhone users will be able to chat with Android users too.
Shoul have integrated with Hangouts.

Sijui ni vipi hii post ilinipita! Very nice one!

Sijui ni vipi hii post ilinipita! Very nice one!