Google Cloud Platform in Kenya

Hey tech-heads. How can I access GCP services in Kenya? I did a quick check and found out that no African region is listed here. Anyone here tried bypassing geo-restrictions using a VPN or any such tool?

Kwani they blocked Kenya? I was subscribed to GCS like the whole of 2018 (not that I was doing anything productive per se, they gave me one year free subscription, pupa ya fresh from campus ikanichocha). Though I terminated the subscription after free trial ended, now I just have Google One cuz I actually use that.

I must be missing something here. I’ve never used GCP before and upon looking it up, couldn’t find Kenya or any other African country listed in the link above and I don’t want to subscribe to the service only to find out that it’s unavailable here. So, what you actually mean is that it’s publicly available to everyone, anywhere on the globe?

I don’t know if it’s available everywhere, but just check the “Console” tab and see if what you need is available. I’m not a programmer though, Ktalkers with experience in that field can advise you better.

OK. Thanks. I’m also very green in development. Hope seasoned devs here can shed some light on how to leverage cloud technology & computing. For now, let me dig deeper.

You can pay for and use GCP right from Kenya. What GCP doesn’t have is servers in Kenya. So if you want a VM for example, you have to select a data centre region e.g. in Europe where your VM will be located

I would advise you to use AWS since they have a data centre in South Africa which means reduced latency for you

Isnt that the whole idea of cloud computing? It should be like aws or Azure where you just select the region you want your services to be and that’s it. Only issue would be where the data centers are for latency and of course Data protection.

It took me the entire morning to wrap my head around it and I think I now have a pretty good idea of how the platform works (and its myriad offerings - amazing stuff I must say). Thanks for the insights brother.

I don’t have an application ready for deployment; testing the waters for now but I’ll check out AWS as well.