Google Android Message

So message texting imekua kama WhatsApp u can txt from your pc , na pia smart reply it’s very useful esp while driving. Stock android is the best[ATTACH=full]180047[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]180048[/ATTACH]

Manze uko Nyuma!! This has been available for a while!!

ai! hii kitu was launched last week, jana ndio it became available to everyone

OH and SnapD, it’s not a stock android only feature

huyu @RetiredVirgin si ako na chocha

Hata ka-Obsolete windows phone kangu nimeona kanawesa link na pc via cortana,and i can see all phone notifications, but i can only reply to text messages…

The Update to version 3.3.044 was only available to this region from 21st June .Hope thats what you mean by a while.


Not for those running Lineage OS with custom gapps

custom gapps ndio gani?

google the word custom then come back with a sensible comment

The fact that your avatar reads qualcomm snapchieth doesn’t make you the super guru.
You should do the googling first…

  1. Then take your time sifting through various XDA forums for links to customised gapps you’ll land a link to pre release updates and those from restless developers (they may be unstable and unsafe but they work)
  2. Remove your Stock ROM and use the correct distro of lineageOs on your device…ukikwama inbox me, I can do a small tutorial video for your slow brain

am too old for this shit u win small boy

Back when all this chat services used xmpp I could make a ruby script that tied them all together sikuizi sijui ma api hadi nilisurrender

modified gapps are hackable