Google Alert.....Activation 2015

Is this real ama ni hackers

I thought you were smart… I step back

Phishing attempt

Phishing attempt

Smart nigger unajua Phishing attempt ni nini bloody fool shenzi

I dint even say I was smart… thanks for the compliment thou… and yes I do. Swali ingine?

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Correction swali lingine…“Smart”

the very first thing you got correct today, am glad I helped. Peace.

Fellow senior villager.Peace

You two maafakaz need to fĂşck


@The stepper Now, team siwesclick comes to rescue @siwesclick plis dont click that link.

Am not getting you @Liberty

I mean dont click that link to activate ur gmail account. Those are hackers. siwesclick team

FOGOTHARII huoni its smells sinister from miles away